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Ministry Music


My name is Aemon. I create music that heals, inspires and edifies. I bring a message of Good News that encourages, exhorts, and empowers. In bondage for nearly 10 years I was lost wandering in the lifestyle of hustling, addiction, crime, and violence which led me to incarceration. It was in that place I was set free, experiencing the joy of true freedom. I have been blessed to use these gifts , talents, and abilities that have been bestowed upon me to travel and perform in places like : Arizona, New York, Mexico, juvenile detention facilities, many community events, and I strongly believe also throughout internationally. Im here to inspire the world to walk in their purpose helping you achieve success by fulfilling your goals and dreams. Lets reach , embrace, and impact this world together. Walk with me on this narrow path…#GoodCompanie

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Once a local artist, now considers himself a global recording artist and songwriter. Seeing that motivation is good for all in positive aspects, and knowing that even the best need motivation. “By knowing the correct motivation, you can save an entire generation, Primatine adds, “so positivity thrives in unity. “There isn’t a genre Primatine can be placed in, but if he had to be placed in one, it would be “World Motivation.” Primatine’s music is tailored for all humanity, inspired and fueled by the foundation of love, peace and happiness. When asked why do you want to do music? Primatine responds confidently, “God chose me, this is my calling. I was also chosen to lead nations, from prophetic word. My grandmother that raised me in the church said that I would be a preacher and a basketball player. What have you pulled from other artists as influence? “Motivation for peace, love, happiness and a positive hustle. So what are your goals in music? Primatine finishes his bold yet humble statement, “To shed light on the truth that will motivate people to take a look at the truth the way and the life.” He’s an artist and individual, Primatine’s progression of growth travels at light speeds, and song by song,in a category of his own. he is creating himself word by word, verse by verse, song by song.


I’m Rank, The man God created December 3rd 1988. I never understood who God was because I was only able to believe things I could see physically, like my mother losing her life in a car accident when I was 3 years old, and my father losing his life in a motorcycle accident 3 months later, being mistreated and abused to near death. All of these things helped me turn to music for peace, love, attention, and money, and because of the talent I had A lot of doors were opened for me, opening p for drake, bone thugs and harmony, Chris brown, landing a spot on the 93.5 k-Day tour, landing a sponsor from Jay-z’s Rocawear and Pro Keds, and performing in front of thousands at the staples center. After giving my life to Christ, getting married, and connecting with GoodCompanie I realized it’s time to change the way I do music. I write music with the goal of making an impact in the listeners life, I write music with love, I write music to create peace, I write music with the intention of pleasing God, I minister through my sound, I write for Christ.Facebook- ranknjay