Good company is so hard to find these days. Everybody wants and looks for good company, it’s something that everybody yearns for in life. Some people connect with others through school, common interests, work, social media, sports, and other various aspects. Everybody doesn’t have the same beliefs or abides by the same standards. The company you keep can definitely influence you to do good or bad. The people you surround yourself will very likely determine who you become. Nobody can make you do anything,  but you can definitely choose the people you surround yourself with. People that will motivate, inspire, and encourage you to be better and also love you unconditionally are very hard to come by. During a time where I isolated my self to draw closer with God, I found myself alone and disconnected from the world, but during that time I was able to find security and acceptance in Him alone. The best company you can ever have is a relationship with Jesus Christ. Some may say that how could you hang out with something you can’t see, touch, or feel? Through Prayer, Praise, reading of the word, fellowship and fasting, I was able to do so. By doing these things on a consistent basis I was able to come into a better understanding of how great Gods company truly is. Over time I was able to connect with like minded people at my home church who shared the same passions and desires as me. We are all different but share the 1 common factor that draws all of us together, to change the world through the love and power of Jesus Christ. When you hang around people that are passionate about loving and serving others and making a difference in this world it only motivates you to do more! To share more, teach more, witness more, testify more, love more, serve more. We do this through our weekly outreaches in our community. Meeting needs, building relationships and reaching one neighborhood at a time. We have already adopted numerous neighborhoods and have been able to help and serve so many people. So many awesome testimonies  of people getting healed, receiving salvation,  families restored, God has moved in a mighty way every time we hit the streets.  From good company to “GoodCompanie” the “i.e.” Stands for the Inland empire but the city we are from and reside in is San Bernardino. We believe San Bernardino is the heart of the Inland Empire. With so many bad things that it’s known for Crime, Drugs, Violence, Gangs, poverty, prostitution, and recently being named  the most dangerous city to live in the state of California. We believe we have been called to reach, embrace, and impact our city, to let the love of Christ shine everywhere we go. Our weekly outreaches have allowed us to to be true examples of what good company actually looks like and to show others the power it has to change lives. Seek Gods company first, and He will bring the company that you need, GoodCompanie